Youth Development - Earn Your CoK

Skills have become one of the key drivers of economic empowerment for individuals and communities alike. This program would primarily target youths who have computer education. Hard skills training pertaining to various niche and in-demand identified areas thus, equipping them for employment opportunities.

Working along with the other NGO’s & various Academic Institutions, we will take them to next level by providing:

    • Vocational courses, 3 Months, leading to “Certificate of Knowledge
      • Identified Areas for skills Development
        • CoK-DAT (Digital Assurance & Testing)
        • CoK-ACC (Accessibility Design & Testing)
        • CoK-PTE (Performance Test Engineering)
        • CoK-DXO (Everything in DevOps)
        • CoK-REA (Reliability Engineering and Automation)
        • CoK-DSO (Practical DevSecOps)
        • CoK-CSE (Cloud Security Engineering)
        • CoK-PEA (Privacy Engineering & Assurance)
        • CoK-ATA (Automation Tools & Accelerators)
        • CoK-PYE (Python Everywhere)
        • CoK-CSD (Clean & Secure Code Development)
        • CoK-TAI (Testing AI-based Systems & Automation)
        • CoK-MOB (Mobile Application Testing)
        • CoK-ITS (IT Support & Service Management)

CoK Program Schedule :