Youth Development - Intern with Us

‘Skills’ is one of the most critical foundation elements of a nation’s economic growth. The world is on the cusp of Industry 4.0 and the Indian technology sector hopes to fuel this change. The need of an industry ready and job-ready workforce has never been more significant.

  • For the same VVnT will provide extensive Internship programmes, 4-6 Months after CoK (Hands-on trainings to make them ready for Industry deployment)
    • Exposure to real-like Projects
      • Assignments in Specialized areas like API testing, Identity testing, Performance testing, Accuracy testing, Acceptance & Qualification testing, Accessibility testing, Security testing, Privacy testing, ISO-27001 Information Security testing, GDPR testing, PCI-DSS testing, VA/PT testing, Cloud security testing, DR-Drill testing, Agile testing, Scripting & RPA, Testing using Open-source tools, In-depth DevOps testing etc
    • Exposure to Tools, Standards and Processes
      • Small projects on OpenSourceMap tools & getting it done as part of their Internship programs
      • Tools integration to build new platforms
      • Compliance to Standards
      • Awareness on Test Engineering Processes
    • Exposure to DevOps Tooling across Life cycle
      • DevOps for Everything
      • Use of Integrated products in CI/CD pipeline
    • Technology and industry expertise with Global Certifications

Internship Schedule :